Helix Nebula Marketplace

A Federated Cloud Services Marketplace

Helix Nebula Marketplace Broker

Commercial offering for access to large scale federated European cloud services

The HNX broker was deployed into production in May 2014. It is now heavily used by CERN and others. The broker is a self-registrer and self-provisioning engine, giving its users access to a range of IaaS cloud providers.

The following IaaS providers are currently connected to the platform:

The broker is based on SlipStream and operated by SixSq. Usage of the broker is free of charge at the point of delivery. This means users only pay for their cloud usage, based on the the service catalog pricing available from the broker.

The Server Labs provides an Amazon EC2 bridge service, connected to the broker, which means you can access the broker using Amazon EC2 tools.

How to access the broker?

The broker is self-registered and self-provisioning. You simply need to put your cloud credentials of the cloud providers you want to use in your profile. To get these credentials, either contact directly the cloud providers or contact us so that we can put you in touch.

How to use the broker?

Simply request a demo of the broker (and/or the Amazon EC2 bridge from The Server Labs) to get started. Training is also available, as well as documentation, including tutorials and administration manual, API documentation and videos.