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Helix Nebula Marketplace - the home of big science in the cloud

The Helix Nebula Initiative has been established by public and private organisations to build a multidisciplinary cloud platform for data intensive science.

HNX intends to deliver easy and large-scale access to a range of commercial Cloud Services through the innovative broker technology deployed within the Helix Nebula Initiative over the last two years and tested with flagship applications from CERN, EMBL and ESA. Federation of public sector data centre resources from within the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) with HNX will enable EGI’s research communities to use HNX services within a hybrid cloud model.

HNX will be open to new cloud providers that are able to participate competitively in line with European regulations and with a suitable quality of service. More commercial cloud providers from various EU member states have recently joined the Helix Nebula Initiative and declared their intent to offer services via HNX.

The Cloud services are offered to the global research community, for both publicly-funded and commercial organizations of diverse sectors, including e.g. healthcare, oil and gas, financial, high-tech, and manufacturing. This scope will enable large-scale and High Performance Computing deployments from the start.

Visit the Helix Nebula website for more information about the initiative.